The Graph Delegation Guide For Unlocked GRT

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If you have unlocked GRT in your wallet use this guide to delegate and receive a share of staking rewards. If your tokens are locked with a contract try our staking guide for locked GRT.

  1. Go to https://network.thegraph.com/
  2. Connect wallet using MetaMask

3.  Choose an indexer. P2P has launched two indexers. Scroll down and paste 0xf4a0 or 0x5a89 in the indexer search field.

a) Indexer address: 0x5a8904be09625965d9aec4bffd30d853438a053e
Max capacity: 533M GRT
Fee: 8%

b) Indexer address: 0xf4a097ce3a4efbd1748b2ef2076813961e4e6fa7
Max capacity: 17M GRT
Fee: 8%

Press on a blue button to proceed and select Delegate

4.  In the opened window specify the amount you wish to delegate. Press Submit Transaction. You will be required to pay 0,5% GRT deposit tax

5.  Approve the transaction using Metamask. First, allow interaction with your wallet, and second confirm the delegation. You need to have some ETH to pay a tx fee.

6.  After a successful confirmation you can observe information about your delegation by pressing on your account in the right top corner

7.  Rewards are automatically added to staked deposit and paid when indexer closes allocation. There is no slashing for delegators. Unbonding period lasts 28 days.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our Telegram chat

About P2P Validator

P2P Validator is a world-leading staking provider with the best industry security practices and proven expertise. We provide comprehensive due-diligence of digital assets and offer only top-notch staking opportunities. At the time of publishing, more than 350 million of USD value is staked with P2P Validator by over 4000 delegators across 15+ networks. We are early The Graph investors who participated in testnet from the day one with a goal to provide long term support for the ecosystem. We operate the biggest indexer globally with highest own stake of 33M GRT and available capacity of > 500M GRT making it ideal choice for large GRT holders.

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