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Polkadot Nomination Guide

This guide will help you to nominate validators in Polkadot network. Make sure that you have created account with mainnet address and claimed DOT tokens.

Nominate validators

  1. Visit the Polkadot UI and select Staking tab. Choose Account actions in the top menu and press + Nominator button.


  1. In the modal window choose your stash account and a controller account (in our case they are the same and their names and addresses will match). Put the number of DOT you are willing to bond. This amount should be less than the total amount in your stash to pay tx fees or set a separate controller account for your stash account in future. It is recommended to leave at least 5% not bonded.
  2. Press next button.


  1. At this step you will be able to nominate up to 16 validators. Choose validators from the left box. You can easily find a particular validator by pasting his address in the blank search field.

    You cannot specify the amount delegated to a particular validator, bonded stake automatically will spread among selected validators by the algorithm after transition to NPoS.


  1. To nominate P2P Validator pick all P2P.ORG from the left column or simply copy our addresses one by one in the order indicated below and paste them in the search field. Don't press Bond & Nominate button until you add all addresses.

Here are P2P addresses:

  1. 13eJW8EEepfprmeezKHn9gbgqHAk9izHyUxReA7RjDuuSTyC
  2. 12YP2b7L7gcHabZqE7vJMyF9eSZA9W68gnvb8BzTYx4MUxRo
  3. 134Bw4gHcAaHBYx6JVK91b1CeC9yWseVdZqyttpaN5zBHn43
  4. 13uW7auWPX9WAtqwkBx7yagb78PLcv8FAcPZEVCovbXoNJK4
  5. 14AkAFBzukRhAFh1wyko1ZoNWnUyq7bY1XbjeTeCHimCzPU1
  6. 12CN2fCWC43fPXMLia1PCTsvE491KZ1KKzG2ExvACPY6puV9
  7. 1342iFZNrBfCP9VWxqt5p39LiHp2ynyq85Ww9K7R8w6BURps
  8. 13giQQe5CS4AAjkz1roun8NYUmZAQ2KYp32qTnJHLTcw4VxW
  9. 12Z3Bhjn42TPXy5re2CiYz1fqMd21i2XyBLmbekbjLXrqVBV
  10. 12ud6X3HTfWmV6rYZxiFo6f6QEDc1FF74k91vF76AmCDMT4j
  11. 121gZtuuG6sq3BZp1UKg8oRLRZvp89SAYSxXypwDJjaSRJR5
  12. 15oKi7HoBQbwwdQc47k71q4sJJWnu5opn1pqoGx4NAEYZSHs
  13. 11uMPbeaEDJhUxzU4ZfWW9VQEsryP9XqFcNRfPdYda6aFWJ
  14. 15qomv8YFTpHrbiJKicP4oXfxRDyG4XEHZH7jdfJScnw2xnV
  15. 14QBQABMSFBsT3pDTaEQdshq7ZLmhzKiae2weZH45pw5ErYu
  16. 15oKi7HoBQbwwdQc47k71q4sJJWnu5opn1pqoGx4NAEYZSHs

Press with the left click on the account appeared in the left column to add it to your nomination list. Address will appear in the right column.


Clear the search field if you used it and repeat that step for all addresses. After adding all addresses clear the search field and check that all addresses are presented in the right column.


  1. Press Bond & Nominate button and confirm the transaction.

After that your funds will be locked. They will become available only after unbonding that will last for 28 days after initiating.


  1. In the Account actions you will see your bonded account. Your nomination will be in Waiting status until the transition to NPoS. After that system will distribute your stake in an optimal way and you will see that nomination status changed on Active at least for one target and you will receive DOT rewards.


To edit your nominations press the button with three dots in Account actions tab.


Choose Set nomenees and simply repeat step #5 .


About P2P Validator

P2P Validator is a world-leading non-custodial staking provider securing more than $40 million by over 1000 delegators/nominators across 15+ top-notch networks. We have been present in all Polkadot testnets and have been actively participating on Kusama network since the beginning. P2P Validator invested its own funds in Polkadot in 2017 and intends to support the network in the long term.

Now you can officially call yourself a nominator. You are fully prepared to earn rewards immediately after the transition to NPoS. Do not hesitate to ask questions in our Telegram chat or contact Alex via [email protected] We are always open for communication.

Web: https://p2p.org

Stake DOT with us: https://p2p.org/polkadot

Twitter: @p2pvalidator

Telegram: https://t.me/P2Pstaking

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